Questing for Contentment Course
Your step-by-step guide to finding the joy in your life!

Do you find yourself filled with more self-doubt as you try repeatedly to find contentment in your life? 
Are you struggling to figure out why you aren’t happy even when you feel you should be? 
Do you wonder why you can't be contented with what you have or maybe wondering how to be contented with yourself? 
Do you wish you could be filled with a great sense of peace and well-being?
Imagine if…

… you had an easy-to-follow plan of action to help you find happiness and contentment in life.

Seriously, how AH-MAZING would that be?!

Want to know a secret? Contentment is the Key to Happiness.

Introducing Questing for Contentment Course

With Questing for Contentment Course, you will have a complete framework to help you find happiness and contentment without all the guesswork! Contentment in life doesn't just happen; you have to work at it, and you have to work at it the right way.  If you’re looking to find contentment in your life, you likely have some of the following doubts:

What if…
➤ It’s all fluff and no practical tips I can actually use? 

 ➤ Is this a temporary, band-aid kind of happiness and contentment, or is this something I can keep coming back to?

 ➤ Why do I need an online course to become more content with life? Is that actually possible?

➤ I've seen other happiness courses.  How is this one different? 

Those are all great questions! 

 If a course is all theory and fluff, you’re wasting your money. No doubt about it.

 It’s not one I would want to spend my own money on and certainly not one I would sell. 

 This online course is:

Jam-packed with practical advice and tips you can keep coming back to over and over.

 ➤ Features 60+ short video lessons, but it also includes a HUGE printable workbook


Content is easily broken down into sections that are easy to digest and apply.

➤ The videos are broken down into short, funny, and entertaining bits.  This course features a Christian-based approach to finding your contentment in life plus integrating well-researched techniques from science.  I don't know of any other course that fuses the two together like this. 

 I want you to keep coming back to the course. Contentment with your life is something we all have lapses in and we have to work at regularly.

This course is designed to give you a quick boost or reminder, or can be used as a complete program.
Included in the course…

4.5 Hours of Video Content Broken Down into 60+ Short Lessons  

Huge Printable Workbook

 Email Support 

30 Days of Live Office Hours  

Access to the Facebook Group, The Inspiration Ladies

Meet your  instructor

Hi, I’m Jennifer Webb, founder of Contentment Questing. 

 Learning how to become happier and more content with my life and myself changed everything… 

 Many of us think that being happy with our lives is like a big checklist. If we have all the boxes checked, then we should be good, right?! 

 Yet, as you know, it doesn’t always work that way. #sigh 

 The problem was - I had checked all the boxes I thought I needed to:

A fantastic husband 

Two wonderful kids 

An adorable home 

An education 

… But I still wasn’t happy.  And, to make matters worse, I couldn’t figure out why. 

 One day, I got tired of it. Instead of lashing out at God for everything I thought was wrong, I started asking for guidance.  I started looking at "What is contentment in the Bible?" as well as proven techniques that were backed by science.   

 I really wanted to unlock the secrets to how to be contented with life and how to be contented with yourself.  

I found that I could not rely on others to make me happy. It was all up to me. My thinking needed to change. It was much like cleaning out a closet. 

 There were things that I needed to get rid of, like worrying too much, comparing myself to others, and overthinking everything. These things were interfering with my ability to "be content in all things" as the Bible instructs us to be. 

 There were things I needed to clean, like how I managed my time and relationships with my family and friends 

 There were also things I needed to keep, such as my core values and beliefs, spending time with God, gratitude, and setting boundaries. 

 That’s what I want to share with you in this course, not only what to do, but how to do it. This is the course that I wish I had when I set off on my own quest to be happier and more content with my life. These strategies are based not only on my own experience but also on science!  Being contented with life doesn't just happen.  But it's much easier when you have a resource that can walk you through everything step-by-step. 

Now, I can finally say "I'm contented with my life," and I want you to be able to say the same!  That's why I created this course. 

If you’re ready to gain everything from:


An inner sense of peace 

Being present in the moment


 Less overwhelm

 Questing For Contentment is for you!

Tap into all the knowledge I wish I had when I started my search for contentment and secrets I’ve gathered over the past 5 years.
Short attention span?

Do you find yourself short on time and unable to sit down and focus at home? 
No problem!
 ThriveCart Learn makes it easy to access from anywhere, and go through the course materials as needed. 

 With over 60 short video lessons and a huge printable workbook, we will start from the basics and show you how to become more content with your life in just 4.5 hours!  Easy to do in an afternoon or 2 evenings.  

What you’ll learn in Questing for Contentment Course To Find Joy In Your Life
Let me show you



Opening the door and getting started

 Workbook Walkthrough Sections 1 and 2 



 Kicking Worry To The Curb 


 Comparing Ourselves To Others

 Negative Attitude

 The Inner Critic 

 “I’ll Be Happy When…”

 People Pleasing (All The Time)

 Impulsive Spending 

 Toxic Friends

 Neglecting Your Health 

 Assuming The Worst

 Reacting Out of Anger 

 Burying Your Feelings

 Thinking Everything Is About You 

 Choices With No Thought 

 Workbook Walkthrough Section 3 


Overview of Section 4


 Praying and Turning To God


 Keeping Your Perspective 

 Getting Outside and Into Nature 

 Physical Activity

 Self Care 

 Choosing Joy 

 Setting Boundaries 

 Giving Back and Focusing On Others

 Your Core Values and Beliefs 

 Sense of Purpose 


 Realistic Optimism 

Persistence Workbook 

Walkthrough Section 4



 Relationships With Others

 Managing Your Time/Schedule


 Workbook Walkthrough Section 5


Section 6 Overview

 Time With God

 Unplugging and Spending Time In Nature

 Controlled Breathing 

 Self Discipline 

 Building Anticipation and Rewarding Yourself

 Being Fully Present 

 Preparing For Your Future 

 Your Home = Your Space 

 Social Time and Alone Time 

 Push Your Comfort Zones

 Look For The Silver Lining

 Learn New Things

 Make New Memories 

 Read Get


 Morning Routine

 Workbook Walkthrough Section 6



For a full month after your enrollment, you'll be able to join me on a live Zoom Call where we help all our VIP students work through the course material together. 

 Ask any questions you have, and let's keep you on track for an amazing result!


It's so much more fun to share your success and go along the path with a friend! 

 So join my uplifting community of over 500+ ladies who will be motivating and helpful to you every step of the way!

 Ask questions and get all the support you need! (Sorry guys - the group is ladies only.)

You might be thinking …
Is the Questing for Contentment Course right for me?


First off, Questing for Contentment is not for people that are already good at thinking positively, and are in general, happy and content with their lives. It's also not for people that are miserable and unwilling to change their thinking or their behaviors. You need to be willing to make changes in your thinking patterns and habits

 My goal is to break down the changes in your thinking and your habits in a way that sets you up for success. I want to empower you to change your own life. Simply taking the course and not putting the strategies into action will only result in temporarily feeling better about yourself. I don't want you to have temporary results. I want you to have long-term ones! 

 The course is also designed so you can easily go back and get a quick boost if you are struggling with something. For example, if worrying is eating you alive one day, go back and watch the lesson on Kicking Worry to the Curb. It's only 6 minutes and 30 seconds - designed to give you a boost and then get you back to what you need to be doing.

 But if you are ready to be happier and more content with your life, and you're willing to put in consistent work, Questing for Contentment is perfect for you.

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